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Build the love you deserve - Fei Moldier Liu

You feel worldly and multicultural for a second as his hands fumble as they slowly and gently lift your clothes from you with their fine motor movements. Since Gabriel2052 has learned his strength a few updates ago, you've been able to save money on not needing to replace all your lingerie. Your skin is damp and his silicone catches and drags as he caresses and penetrates you with precision. Deep down you wish this was enough. - Fei Moldier Liu

Build the Love You Deserve is an inquiry into intimacy and automation -- the fabricated, the natural, the digital and the physical. Gabriel2052 is an intimacy robot designed to answer the artist's emotional needs, and is built using open source technologies. As the technology of virtual and mechanized bots enter our workforces, our communication channels, and our news cycles, what would the experience of having them in our beds and hearts look and feel like?